Dear Lange Families,

Skatetime School Program is bringing roller-skating to Lange!

Please fill out this permission slip by Wednesday, March 23 so your student(s) can participate.

Beginning on Wednesday, April 6 our Physical Education classes will be participating in an in-house skating program. The skates will be delivered directly to the school. Due to insurance purposes, we will be exclusively using Skatetime roller skates.

This skating unit is being implemented because of its emphasis as a "lifetime activity". Skating provides a variety of benefits, which include balance, coordination, motor skills, and top-rated cardio-respiratory workout. Students will also learn basic skating skills such as getting up and safe falling, starting, stopping, forward skating, backward skating, cornering, and a number of safety tips for being a smart skater.

We will be skating for four days during regular PE classes (4/6, 4/8, 4/13, and 4/15).

Students are to provide their own helmets (bicycle helmets work well). Skates and wrist guards will be provided and sanitized between each use.

Please email Deb Osterfeld ( with any questions.

In consideration of the permission granted, I hereby grant permission for the person named herein to participate in the program described and associated activities provided by Skatetime School Programs ® and Lange School. I further release Skatetime School Programs®, Lange School and Oakwood Schools, its agents, employees, and volunteers from all actions, damages, claims, or demands and all liability, which might be incurred during the conduct of this activity. I further authorize the school officials to take the proper steps to provide medical attention should the participant be injured while participating and I hold said officials of Lange School and Oakwood Schools harmless thereof. I acknowledge the risk and responsibilities involved in this activity. I have read this release and understand all its term and execute it voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance.