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Lange Flyers

Girl Scout Super Hero Night!

Hey Girls!!

You are invited to a Girl Scout Super Hero Night!!


Come hear about all of the cool stuff Girl Scouts do. Plus decorate and take home your own superhero cape!


Join us to learn more about Girl Scout troops in Oakwood and how to get her involved.

 Thursday Nov. 12th 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Oakwood Government Center (upper room)

30 Park Ave, Oakwood

Questions or Can’t Attend?  Please contact us at:

Wendy Martin            937.607.4550    

Kim Conklin                 937.279.6514    


Wright Library Sponsors Annual Gingerbread House Competition

This year, the library's Gingerbread House Competition is opening a public entry category. Register by Nov. 17!

No fee for entry, and the library will supply a platter which entries must be constructed upon. Houses are due at the library Dec. 6.
Get the details.

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